Aboriginal hunting and burning increase Australia's desert biodiversity

Aboriginal hunting and burning increase AustraliaIn Australia, Martu hunter-gatherers light fires to expose the hiding places of their prey: monitor lizards called goanna that can grow up to six feet long. These generations-old hunting practices, part of the Martu day-to-day routine, have reshaped Australia's Western Desert habitats, according to Stanford University anthropologists Douglas and Rebecca Bird.

"Martu" refers to a group of about 800 indigenous Australians from eight dialect-groups that inhabit the Western Desert. >>>

Siberian Buryats Struggle With Loss of Autonomy

Siberian Buryats Struggle With Loss of AutonomyThe Buryats are Siberia’s most populous indigenous group and maybe its biggest political losers.
Aginskoye, Russia | Since 1937 the Buryats, Siberia’s most populous indigenous group, have given their name to three administrative regions of Russia. But in recent years that number has been reduced to one. In 2008, the Ust-Orda Buryat Autonomous Area merged with the surrounding Irkutsk Region, melding the Buryats into a large Russian population.>>>

The world eight's stragenest sex remedies.

The world eightThe 50th anniversary of the birth control pill – the ultimate remedy which revolutionized the dating and mating game forever – presents a good excuse to contemplate some of the less studied, but all the more intriguing remedies people use to improve their sex lives, from Africa to China, India, Japan, Papua New Guinea and beyond.
And they do so by any means possible: conception, contraception, erection or deception.
A few described below are illegal. But then again, so is the birth control pill in many countries.>>>

Pagan police join the party

Pagan police join the partyThat the nation's police force should be entitled to days off is beyond question. That their personal practices should come under scrutiny, that they may be extending their weekend to walk labyrinths, drink mead or dance skyclad while chanting at the elements, seems a little more suspect.

The Pagan Police Association claimed yesterday that it had been recognised by the Home Office as a "diversity staff support association" – a >>>

Curandero offers folk healing through herbalism, faith

Curandero offers folk healing through herbalism, faithWhen a woman came to Alberto Salinas Jr. recently about her marital problems, the "curandero" knew exactly what to do.

The woman wanted her first husband to leave her alone and her current husband to come home; he’d left because of family problems and she wanted him to come back, so Salinas told her to light candles.

"I told what candles to buy," he said. "They’re candles to folk saints, like Don Pedrito Jaramillo.">>>