Dream Symbols - Waters of dreams

Dream Symbols - Waters of dreamsIn drugstore dream dictionaries we are told that water, as a dream symbol, is about emotions. Well, ye-es, it maybe, but what you find in your dream waters and what I find may be very different things.

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Jaguars Studied With Motion-Sensing Cameras In Venezuela

Jaguars Studied With Motion-Sensing Cameras In VenezuelaThe search begins where a dirt road ends, in a forest festooned with vines and filled with the chatter of trilling birds. This is the realm of jaguars, and a young biologist has made it her mission to find them.

Emiliana Isasi-Catala wades through a creek and moves nimbly through the foliage, scanning the dark earth covered with fallen leaves for the distinctive round toes of jaguar tracks and the faint trails of smaller animals they prey on: agoutis, tapirs, peccaries and armadillos.

Sacred re-burial of Aboriginal remains

Sacred re-burial of Aboriginal remainsThe remains of Aboriginal people, removed from caves in the central Kimberley one hundred years ago, will today be laid to rest by their descendants.

The burial sites, located north of Fitzroy Crossing, were raided during scientific expeditions in about 1910.

The bones ended up in museums and universities across the world.

They were recently returned to the Bunuba people for re-burial.

The Kimberley Aboriginal Law and Culture Centre's Neil Carter says it will be a moving time for everyone involved.

A Landmark Victory for Indigenous and Tribal Rights

A Landmark Victory for Indigenous and Tribal RightsIndian Minister of Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh's courageous decision saves the real Avatar

Today's announcement by Indian Minister of Environment and Forests, Jairam Ramesh, that the Indian government has rejected Vedanta's proposed bauxite mine in the Niyamgiri Mountain, Orissa, India, and has suspended the clearance process for the expansion of the Lanjigarh refinery, represents a victory not only for the Dongria Kondh, but for indigenous and tribal people throughout the world.

Spirited landscapes with a twist

Spirited landscapes with a twistIF a writer were to turn the life of Joe Alimindjin Rootsey into a novel, it would require someone of John Steinbeck's power to do it justice.

Steinbeck had what such a story would take: the sensibility towards pathos and the courage to make the ordinary epic. He also had the skill to control a narrative that could and fall into cliched melodrama. Only a Steinbeck would be grand enough and sure-footed enough to find the narrative voice that would do justice to the tale of the artist.