Demonic possession: Man dies as exorcism attempt goes up in smoke

Demonic possession: Man dies as exorcism attempt goes up in smoke“It was just bad luck.” Baba Ijaz Bengali casually dismissed the death of a man who was brought to him to have his demons exorcised.
The ‘cure’ that involved making the person inhale smoke from a pot as the baba recited verses and moved an amulet ended up taking Muhammad Ghani’s life after he inhaled too much smoke. The incident has landed Ijaz in the lockup with murder charges.

China's Mountain Shamans Losing Magic Due to Migration

ChinaA Chinese shaman resplendent in a dark suit and green cloth hat thumbed yellowing pages said to predict the future -- but mass migration to cities means the prospects for his own profession look bleak.
"To see a spirit, you have to practise the ancient rituals," said Zhao Fucheng, 74, who claims he communicates with the spirit world from his wooden hut in southwestern Guangxi province.

Pandit Peer

Pandit PeerKaloosa in north Kashmir’s Bandipora district is relatively quiet contrary to the main buzzing bazaar. At the fringe of the locality—planted with leafless walnut trees, scores of desolated Pandit houses make their palpable presence. Many of these Pandit abodes in Ahangar Mohalla have been weathered down into rubbles over the period of time. But one house is still bursting with life, laughter and love. The house belongs to Moti Lal Bhat, 80, a pandit faith-healer.

South Africa: The African Art of Traditional Healing

South Africa: The African Art of Traditional HealingHerbalists and healers embody African culture, and their role in South Africa is still vitally important for many people despite the challenges traditional healers face,

Nigeria preacher: Healer or controversial leader?

Nigeria preacher: Healer or controversial leader?LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) -- It's Sunday, and 15,000 people are seated in the enormous arena-like church, fanning themselves against the dusty humid air in Nigeria. The preacher in a blue flowered shirt taps his microphone to announce "prophecy time." He places his hands on worshippers, who spin in circles, wave their arms in the air and finally collapse to the ground, shaking. They've been delivered.