A reason to celebrate on National Aboriginal Day

A reason to celebrate on National Aboriginal DayNational Abor­iginal Day, ON June 21, is a time for our country’s first people and their descendants to celebrate and share their cultures and values with other Canadians.

It’s also a day when all of us can reflect on the place of aboriginal people in our society.

Mongolia: spirit world or camel's milk will cure the ill

   Mongolia: spirit world or camelYou cannot refuse the airag or fermented mare's milk that my colleagues at this provincial hospital decant from a jerry can. There are dozens of words in Mongolian for milk products, from aaruul (dried curds fashioned into teeth-breaking shapes), arkhi (milk distilled until clear and potent), to öröm (dried cream packed into camels' stomachs). My colleagues tell me airag is good for my stomach, but my stomach can't agree.

Toucan Native Totem

Toucan Native TotemSome might think that the Toucan would be an unusual bird to be one of the Native American Totem Animals. After all, you might say, Brother Toucan is not indigenous to North America. Remember the animal spirit that decides you need to share in it’s medicine does not have to be one that lives near you.

Sangoma says Argentina will win the World Cup

Sangoma says Argentina will win the World CupConstance, a sangoma from Port Elizabeth in the Eastern Cape, has predicted the winner of this year's Fifa World Cup.

Initially, the decision to become a sangoma was not made by her. Constance was told by her ancestors to follow in her family's footsteps. "My father and my sister were sangomas, and when they died they came to me in a dream and told me 'you have to be a sangoma now'," she said.

Native residential school forgiveness granted

Native residential school forgiveness grantedFederal Indian Affairs Minister Chuck Strahl has accepted a "charter of forgiveness" from members of the aboriginal community as part of the healing process for survivors of Canada's residential schools.

Chief Kenny Blacksmith presented the charter Saturday at the National Forgiven Summit, a conference of Aboriginal Peoples in Ottawa.

Read more: http://www.cbc.ca/canada/story/2010/06/12/residential-schools-forgiveness.html#ixzz0qnAmBoFs