In the Mien community, Eastern and Western medicine go hand-in-hand

In the Mien community, Eastern and Western medicine go hand-in-handIf you donít have health insurance, Farm Sirisisangpha can tell you where to apply. If you donít feel well, she can tell you which doctor to go to. And if you donít feel any better after that, she can recommend a spirit doctor that may be able to help.
As the Mien community advocate for International Community Health Services (ICHS), a role that resembles that of a community health worker, Sirisisangpha navigates both Western medicine and spiritual-healing practices.

Saskatchewan native dialects endangered

Saskatchewan native dialects endangeredAboriginal language experts say several native dialects are endangered in Saskatchewan as fewer young people learn their ancestral tongues.
There are eight aboriginal languages spoken the province. The most widely spoken are Cree and Saulteaux.
Statistics Canada says one in five aboriginal children under the age of five can understand an aboriginal language.

Dictionary of Anatomy - Dharuk Mala ga Mayali' Rumbalpuy, the first Aboriginal dictionary of its kin

Dictionary of Anatomy - Dharuk Mala ga MayaliDictonary of Anatomy is the brainchild of Dr Marilyn McLellan, Linguist with the Aboriginal Resource and Development Services, who has worked in locations across Arnhem Land since her first visit in 1988.

"People come to the medical centres not understanding what they are being told so this is a Western biomedical world view, translated in a way that Yolngu people can understand."

Ancient Shaman's Tomb Discovered by Archeologists in South Ural

Ancient ShamanArcheologists have discovered 240 metres of exposed passages and several floors in one of the caves near Krasnogorsk Settlement of Uvelsk District, Chelyabinsk Region.

They have also found remains of animals and bones of an early man. Historians assume that it is the first burial of a Siberian shaman in Russia. In confirmation of the supposition they have found three iron bars from his costume.

Tribal gathering in the French Pyrenees

Tribal gathering in the French PyreneesI am sitting on a mountaintop in the Pyrenees contemplating sucking the mint flavouring off my dental floss. This is the fourth day of my "vision quest", a rite of passage traditionally undertaken by young Native Americans. The idea is to go off alone into the mountains, immerse yourself in nature and then return to your community with your "vision". The Native Americans did it with no food, no water, no shelter, no clothes and no sleep, but we're having the luxury of just doing it with no food. On your return, the taking of the hallucinogenic self-discovery drug ayahuasca is an optional extra.