Credo Mutwa on Barack Obama

Credo Mutwa on Barack ObamaThe Zulu shaman, or sanusi, Credo Mutwa, has written a poem to express his thoughts on what he sees as the true nature of Barack Obama and the agenda for Africa and the world that he represents.

"An actor walks upon the floodlit stage of life
wearing a mask of an angel beneath a demon's gown.
Pretence smiles upon the crowded hall of life
holding out hope as bright as it is false.
Son of a woman in whose veins flows the blood
of ancient Ireland and dark Africa's plains.
You are Obama, nick-named the standing king

Benefit Fundraiser for Auntie Nahi Guzman

Benefit Fundraiser for Auntie Nahi GuzmanAuntie Nahi Guzman has touched many hearts from around the world with her spirit of Aloha, sharing her wisdom and knowledge of unconditional love. She has been recently diagnosed with terminal cancer.

As a Kapuna, Reverend, Kumu, Shaman and Medicine woman she has both taught and healed many in the ancient practices of Hawaiian and North American Indian traditions, including lomi lomi, Ho’oponono, shamanism and the ancient Hawaiian Huna traditions. Raised on Maui, Nahi started doing healing work at the age of 4 learning from her grandmother, Ambrosia, her first teacher. She has been a pillar of the Hawaiian community for the past 30 years.

Insights into Hmong culture

Insights into Hmong cultureIt was a no-cost chance to learn about the culture, religion, and communication of the Hmong people, as well as how the Hmong community approaches health care and end-of-life issues. The bring-your-own-lunch workshop took place June 25 at HospiceCare, Inc. and featured speakers Leon Bernido and Charles Vue. The presenters reviewed the history of the Hmong people, discussed values and beliefs Hmong people hold regarding health, and shared personal insights on how Hmong people view death and dying.

'Virginity test' helps free 3 in Vietnam rape case

HANOI, Vietnam — An acupuncturist who claims she can detect a man's virginity based on a small dot on the ear has become a minor celebrity in Vietnam, where she is credited with helping to free three convicted rapists from prison.

Traditional medicine practitioner Pham Thi Hong started lobbying for the men's release, pleading their case all the way to the president, because she believes all three men are virgins and therefore could not be guilty of rape.

Assiniboine work with Visually Impaired

Assiniboine work with Visually ImpairedFort Union Trading Post NHS began its second year of cultural programs this past week, June 23 & 24, 2010. Assiniboine students and instructors from Frazer Montana participated in the language and cultural program by introducing visitors to the Assiniboine culture