Veterinarians Team With Mother Nature for Better Results

Veterinarians Team With Mother Nature for Better ResultsScientists are pretty smart, but give them a bucket of carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, sulfur, iron, nitrogen and a few other miscellaneous things and see how many tomatoes they can make from scratch.

Nature is smarter.

Comets triggered Aboriginal tales of doom

Comets triggered Aboriginal tales of doomAustralia's first people viewed comets as portents of doom, a new study of Aboriginal astronomy has found.

Writing on the pre-press website, Duane Hamacher from Sydney's Macquarie University who led the research, says Aboriginal people developed an extensive culture regarding the night sky with stories and detailed observations.

Ancient treasures emerge from Vatican vault

Ancient treasures emerge from Vatican vaultIT WAS dubbed ''Una Notte Australiana'', the night the Antipodes invaded the Vatican. Bark and stone artefacts took their place beside the masters of the Renaissance and the mysterious drone of the didgeridoo enveloped St Peter's Basilica.

As more than 8000 Australians flooded into the Eternal City for today's canonisation of Mary MacKillop, Aboriginal treasures held in the vaults of the Vatican Museums for 85 years were revealed for the first time.

1 year later: Hospital's shaman program a success

1 year later: HospitalOne year ago: Mercy Medical Center in Merced created a written, formal policy -- believed to be the first in the nation -- for Hmong shamans, allowing the traditional healers to work alongside doctors to help patients recover.

Waiting for Something Big

Waiting for Something Big“2012: Time for Change,” 85 minutes of naïveté with the occasional interesting idea thrown in, gives Daniel Pinchbeck another chance to flog his 2012-theme books (“2012: The Return of Quetzalcoatl”) and the notion that a little over a year from now Something Big is going to happen.