Waltham man shows off his Native garden

Waltham man shows off his Native gardenWALTHAM —

To find intriguing Native American artifacts, Waltham resident Frank Maloney needs only to go to his backyard, which he has discovered is a treasure trove of goods.

He was gardening the first time he stumbled upon an arrowhead in his yard on Summit Street, near Prospect Hill.

Ancestry, not just race, is important to personal medical history

Ancestry, not just race, is important to personal medical historyDoctors often ask patients to list their race -- white, Latino, African American, Asian, Native American -- to help them provide better healthcare. They do this because loads of medical research shows that the incidence of certain diseases and treatment success can vary somewhat from race to race.

But the more important question may be: What is your genetic ancestry?

Exhibit debunks Native American fallacies

Exhibit debunks Native American fallaciesThe Basehor Historical Museum’s July exhibit is now open for viewing.

“The Indians of Kansas” is a photographic narrative featuring pictures and stories from several Native Americans of Kansas.

According to text in the display, “the underlying purpose of this exhibit is to sweep away the misconceptions, biases and ignorance that sometimes obscure peoples’ understanding of each other.”

Tools Offer Record of Earliest Northern Europeans

Tools Offer Record of Earliest Northern EuropeansThe last time the British Museum claimed that the earliest known human was British, some 98 years ago, its evidence was the Piltdown skull, which the British archaeological establishment did not concede was a forgery until 1953. Researchers from the British Museum and other institutions on Wednesday announced a more modest claim, that an eroding cliff in Norfolk, England, had yielded evidence of the

Aboriginal art on emu eggs 66

Aboriginal art on emu eggs 66Emu egg carving first became popular in the mid to late nineteenth century and still is popular today as the Emu eggshell is laid down in layers (usually 7) being from dark green on the outside through shades of jade green to white on the inside . Emu Eggs like the one above are highly attractive when carved.