Witch doctors blamed for death

Witch doctors blamed for deathTwo Korean witch doctors are thought to have caused a four year old boy’s death in the Far East village of Sergeyevka after performing an exorcism, raising questions about Russia’s centuries-long habit of preferring alternative medicine over standard healthcare.

Diware dance to be unveiled to the nation

Diware dance to be unveiled to the nationFor the first time many Batswana and many viewers of Btv across Africa would be privileged to enjoy this unique Botswana dance heritage by Hambukushu dance groups from Parakarungu, Satau, and Shakawe.

World simmers in hottest year so far

World simmers in hottest year so farThe world is enduring the hottest year on record, according to a U.S. national weather analysis, causing droughts worldwide and a concern for U.S. farmers counting on another bumper year.

For the first six months of the year, 2010 has been warmer than the first half of 1998, the previous record holder, by 0.03 degree Fahrenheit, said Jay Lawrimore, chief of climate analysis at the federal

Cigarette Smoke Jolts Hundreds of Genes, Researchers Say

Cigarette Smoke Jolts Hundreds of Genes, Researchers SayDoctors have long noticed a link between smoking and cancers found in organs beside the lungs, including kidney, colon and bladder cancers.

Now, a new study shows lighting up a cigarette changes a person's gene activity across the body. The findings may be a clue to why smoking affects overall health - from heart disease to combating infections.

Argentina approves same-sex marriages

Argentina approves same-sex marriagesArgentina legalized same-sex marriage Thursday, becoming the first country in Latin America to declare that gays and lesbians have all the legal rights, responsibilities and protections that marriage brings to heterosexual couples.

After a marathon debate in Argentina's senate, 33 lawmakers voted in favour, 27 against and 3 abstained in a vote that ended after 4 a.m. Since the lower house already approved it and President Cristina Fernandez is a strong supporter, it becomes law as soon as it is published in the official bulletin, which should happen within days.