Acid Trip. In search of the Amazonís magical mystery cure

Acid Trip. In search of the Amazonís magical mystery cureAFTER STEVE WITTE was laid off from his job at Pfizer last year, he decided to pursue a radically different approach to medicine. Swapping his New York apartment for a thatch hut near Iquitos, Peru, Witte, 44, set aside his squash hobby to become an apprentice under the master shaman Alfredo Cairuna.

Before Move-In Day, Evicting the Old Auras

Before Move-In Day, Evicting the Old AurasZiporah Reich sat cross-legged on her living room floor. As Judith Wendell chanted and burned incense that seeped into every crevice of the apartment, Ms. Reich meditated over an altar that included bowls of water with candles and wildflowers and a stack of brightly colored papers on which she wrote her wishes: finding her soul mate, starting a family and having more success in her career.

Samda: Jejuís unique culture

Samda: Jejuís unique cultureIt is often said that Jeju is culturally unique. While all cultures by definition have singular characteristics, Jeju is especially interesting in this regard.

At first glance, Jeju appears to be a mirror image of the mainland: the riotous chaos of shamanism as opposed to the hierarchical structure of Confucianism; a matrifocal culture in contradiction to Korean patriarchy; a laid-back island in contrast to the Ďppalli ppallií (hurry, hurry) of dynamic Korea.

Discovering Jeju via photography

Discovering Jeju via photographyAn age-lined woman bursts head first from the ocean, mouth gasping for air, eyes shut in effort beneath the goggles of a full-body wet suit. Hikers trek up a snow covered Mt. Halla, a trail marked with wooden pegs and the deep trench of footsteps. The colorful hues of decorative fabrics are draped along an ancient shrine.

Kara-Kys Arakchaa about arzhaans of Tuva

Kara-Kys Arakchaa about arzhaans of TuvaUsually people start thinking about arzhaans closer to July, around the time when they "ripen". But we have several reasons to talk about healing springs in December. First, our ancerstors would start preparations for a trip to an arzhaan six months ahead of time, to get ready, and think everything out in great detail. Second, the project "Nine Treasures of Tuva" is coming to a close, and we would very much like arzhaans to be among the treasures. And the main reason is that after a political period in her life, Kara-Kys Arakchaa, a scientist-chemist, an author of the popular brochure "Story of the Arzhaans of Tuva" and a delegate to the State Duma, returned to Tuva.