Photos released to protect threatened Amazonians

Photos released to protect threatened AmazoniansBRASILIA (AFP) – Brazil has allowed the release of rare photographs of an uncontacted Amazonian tribe to bring attention to the plight of indigenous people who rights groups say are faced with possible annihilation.

Ancient Andean deity brings 'wealth' to believers

Ancient Andean deity brings LA PAZ — The pursuit of wealth and riches can take different forms, but many Andean people place their faith in a tiny, smiling ancient deity who is said to arrive festooned with gifts, food and cash.
If he fails to show though, you can go to an open-air market and buy miniature cars, furniture, food -- pretty much anything -- and then ask a shaman to invoke the gods of civilizations past to make the items real.

Maggie and the Indian mystic: How a barefoot guru amazed the Iron Lady, read her mind and predicted

Maggie and the Indian mystic: How a barefoot guru amazed the Iron Lady, read her mind and predictedWith a strong will and no-­nonsense approach to politics, Margaret Thatcher kept a grip on Downing Street for 11 years.
But while aides quickly learned her preference for clear and down-to-earth advice, it has been revealed that the Iron Lady also received early guidance from another, far more unlikely, source – an eccentric and controversial Indian mystic.


UNHOLY ROWTraditional healers in court over muti theft
In a case of sangoma versus sangoma a man was fined P6 700 as the curious tale of two traditional healers unfolded before a spellbound Moshupa Customary Court last week.

Getting Unstuck in Bali With Ketut

Getting Unstuck in Bali With KetutI have been to Bali a few times since I moved to Hong Kong in late 2008. Never before, though, did it occur to me to seek out Ketut Liyer the medicine man/palm reader from the memoir Eat Pray Love who, because of author Elizabeth Gilbert’s dependence upon him for spiritual guidance, gained fame and a cult-like following. Many people don’t know that he was pretty well-known as a spiritual healer in Bali before the popular book and film.