A Small Indian Tribe Fights a British Giant

A Small Indian Tribe Fights a British GiantNEW DELHI - A small tribe in India is pitted against a British giant like the proverbial David against Goliath. Some 8,000 members of the Dongria Kondh tribe are resisting a bid by $8 billion worth Vedanta Resources to start digging an open-pit mine to obtain bauxite, the ore from which most aluminium is extracted.

Sunrise Students Get Creative Learning Native American Culture |

Sunrise Students Get Creative Learning Native American Culture |Some people are naturally crafty and artistic. Others, are not so lucky. But this week, all the fourth-graders at Bismarck`s Sunrise Elementary are being challenged to be crafty. And, they`re learning about Native American culture at the same time.

Studies in the Amazon

Studies in the AmazonIn my role as Explorer in Residence at UMass Amherst, I teach a course every year in the great Amazon rainforest. The three-credit course entitled “The Shaman’s Pharmacy” offers an introduction to the Amazon rainforest, its biodiversity, and some of the medicinal plants found in that forest.

Bushmeat market in Ecuador rainforest

Bushmeat market in Ecuador rainforestAt an open-air market on the bank of the Napo River in eastern Ecuador, a group of men bid on smoked wild animal parts offered for sale by four native Huaorani women. The women have just arrived here in the village of Pompeya by motorized canoe from their territory across the Napo. Within a day or two, the meat from their rainforest home will be served in restaurants across Ecuador’s Amazonia region.

Goddesses and Jeju women

Goddesses and Jeju womenAnd then there was Seolmundae.
The legend of the “strong Jeju woman” is prevalent in Jeju society. She is said to be diligent, independent, economically savvy, fiercely protective of her family, and in possession of a remarkable fortitude.