A simple wedding Jeju's traditional wedding ceremony

A simple wedding JejuItís spring, as gloriously evidenced by cherry blossoms swirling through the air like so much fragrant pink snow. Naturally, our thoughts turn to weddings.
Jejuís traditional wedding ceremony, like so many of its indigenous customs, disappeared during the Japanese colonial period. And with the subsequent 1948 massacre and Korean War, this and many other cultural traditions were not to be recovered.

Praying for rain

Praying for rainMany believers here in Lubbock and the surrounding area will gather in their churches Sunday (or before) to ask God for rain. The earth is parched and it is time for rain, according to those of us who live here. Ministers will speak and pray for and with their congregations.

Alaskan archaeologist talks about prehistoric Arctic life

Alaskan archaeologist talks about prehistoric Arctic lifeDr. Owen Mason brought the prehistoric artic to life in his presentation about prehistoric whaling on the Bering Strait on Tuesday.

Mason is an archaeologist who works in Alaska and other coastal and riverine regions of the Arctic observing the whaling and walrus hunting villages of these areas.

The Hadza Zen

The Hadza ZenWe used to live all day, every day, non-stop; now we work and wait, work and wait, as we live for the weekend.
We used to forage and hunt, now we gather information. Hereís a glimpse of the Hadza Zen, a glimpse of your past, Informational Hunter-Gatherer.

Ocean and Ski Leaders and Nobel Prize Winners, Invite World Communities to Ask Tribes to Lead Healin

Ocean and Ski Leaders and Nobel Prize Winners, Invite World Communities to Ask Tribes to Lead HealinTo help rebalance Mother Earth to smooth out these 2012 earth changes and to protect and purify our oceans and mountains from Japanís radiation leak, leaders of the US and Canadian SnowSports Industries, Cousteauís Ocean Futures, Mountaineers like Jim Whittaker, biologists from Mexico to the Arctic Circle, and National Parks protectors like Connor Sauer, all invite the worldís communities to ask their Indigenous Elders to graciously fulfill a UN request: To please lead ceremonies and prayers around International Mother Earth Day, April 22.