Ancient red gum's new lease on life

Ancient red gumONE of the oldest trees in Sydney's Botanic Gardens has become their newest sculpture.

Bidjigal man Vic Simms, from La Perouse, is carving the stump of an old forest red gum in the style that some Aboriginal tribes would once mark trees on their tribal boundaries.

Criminals turn to sangomas

Criminals turn to sangomasKwaZulu-Natal criminals, fearful of incarceration and in some instances death in shootouts with police, are turning to traditional healers in KwaZulu-Natal for protection - and “powers” to execute their crimes.

Some sangomas are cashing in on the trend, sometimes earning tens of thousands of rands at a time. They have revealed some of the chilling details of what criminals say they plan to do.

First Sighting of Lost Amazon Tribe

First Sighting of Lost Amazon TribeTWO Amazon women dodge among jungle huts � after their secret lost tribe in Peru boobed by being discovered.

The bare-breasted natives belong to a group of nomads never previously known to exist.

Astonished nature reserve staff were on the lookout for illegal loggers when they stumbled upon them crossing a river as they hunted for food.

Lake Tahoe's Cave Rock court case inspires book

Lake TahoeA precedent-setting court case concerning a Lake Tahoe landmark so intrigued author Michael Makley that he teamed up with his historian son Matthew to write about it.

The result, "Cave Rock: Climbers, Courts, and a Washoe Indian Sacred Place," (University of Nevada Press, $24.95 paperback) examines the court cases involved in the Washoe tribe's successful attempt to ban rock climbing at the South Shore site.

Ivolginsky Datsan: centre of Russian Buddhism

 Ivolginsky Datsan: centre of Russian BuddhismIvolginsky Datsan (lamaist monastery) the main centre of Buddhism in Russia is situated at the bottom of Khamar-Daban mountains, in 30 km from Ulan-Ude. Although its history begun just in 1945, Ivolginsky Datsan is draws attention of numerous tourists, pilgrims and believers from all over the world. Crowds of pilgrims come here to behold one of the main Buddhist shrines - incorruptible relics of lama Dashi Dorzho Itigelov.There is a Bo tree growing here as well. Rumour has it that rites carried out here can work wonders. It is known for certain that talapoins practise Tibetan medicine and cure visitors, believers and non-Buddhists as well.