Peru: Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, Nazca Lines

Peru: Machu Picchu, the Inca Trail, Nazca LinesI feel like I’ve just stepped into an Indiana Jones movie. Perched on a lush-green ridge sandwiched between two mountain peaks and shrouded in swirling mists that lend the site a mythical glow, Machu Picchu is an arresting sight. After undertaking the four-day, 26-mile Inca Trail trek where we grapple with crumbling stone steps and steep gradients with the aid of Popeye-strong porters, we are rewarded at dawn with a sunrise over one of the world’s top archaeological sites. Choking back tears, there are hugs among our group.

Avenging spirits demands 10 cattle compensation

Avenging spirits demands 10 cattle compensationThe avenging spirit of a shopkeeper who was allegedly murdered in a suspected case of juju is now tormenting the Mutasa family in Mudzi. The poltergeist like spirit has been giving the family sleepless nights H-Metro discovered. The restless spirit of young Givemore Katangana has been venting its anger on one Mutasa family member who allegedly killed him in a bid to boost his business interests in Mudzi and Mutoko.

Four-day Taos Celebration of the Young lifts off

Four-day Taos Celebration of the Young lifts offOrganizers of the four-day Celebration of the Young have set themselves a lofty goal. They aim to throw the "greatest party our young people will ever know."
The four-day event — conceived as a response to a series of recent tragedies involving local young people,

Medicine Wheel expansion celebrated

Medicine Wheel expansion celebratedThe newly expanded Medicine Wheel/Medicine Mountain National Historic Landmark in the Big Horn Mountains was celebrated by Native Americans and other well-wishers on Friday.
At a rough count, 130 were in attendance at Porcupine Ranger Station, just a few miles — as the crow flies — from the wheel.

Ten Things I learned from Balinese Healers. ~ Daniel McGuire

Ten Things I learned from Balinese Healers. ~ Daniel McGuireThere are two kinds of forces affecting your health. Some can be seen and measured. Those are called sekala. Other forces cannot be seen or measured, but they nevertheless affect you. In that sense, they are “real”. Those are called niskala. A balian, or traditional healer, explained it to me like this: “The tree moves, because of the wind. But you can’t see the wind. The wind is like niskala.”