Taiwan shortlists aboriginal heritage sites

Taiwan shortlists aboriginal heritage sitesIn a bid to preserve the cultures of Taiwan’s 14 indigenous peoples, the Cabinet-level Council for Cultural Affairs released Dec. 22 a comprehensive list of 154 aboriginal cultural heritage sites.

A total of 127 tangible and 27 intangible heritage sites have been identified after a one-year survey, according to the Headquarters Administration of Cultural Heritage under the CCA.

2011 and other future through eyes of astrologers

2011 and other future through eyes of astrologersNot so rosy prospects await the Russians next year – this was revealed yesterday at the Central House of Journalists, where parapsychologists, shamans, psychics and astrologers told Russian reporters what to expect and what to fear in 2011. The main prediction for next year is that it will be the end of the Putin era and will be marked by riots, protest movements, another summer drought and already habitual rising prices.

Saving the old with the new

Saving the old with the newThe Achuar people in the Ecuadorian highlands use tourism in their fight to retain traditions
I had traveled by car, plane, boat and foot to a place where the old ways have not been forgotten. Here local people interpret the world through their dreams and the forest spirit known as arutamis said to inhabit the mighty kapok tree, and healing and insight is sought from a hallucinogenic plant brew the indigenous people call natem, known elsewhere as ayahuasca, or "vine of the soul."

New documentary remembers largest mass execution in US history

New documentary remembers largest mass execution in US historyWorthington, Minn. — The largest mass execution in U.S. history occurred 148 years ago, when 38 Dakota warriors were hanged from a single scaffold in Mankato.

The shock waves of that mass execution still reverberate today among the Dakota people. A new documentary film remembers the 38, and also a group of Dakota who ride on horseback each year at this time to Mankato to commemorate the executions of Dec. 26, 1862

Poinsettias and mistletoe signs of the season

Poinsettias and mistletoe signs of the seasonStuttgart, Ark. —
Poinsettia and mistletoe, two plants which are common in the holiday season, weren't originally used as Christmas decorations as they are today.

Poinsettia is a red leaf plant, which is associated with Christmas because it only lives in tropical climates, blooms in the winter months and was used as a medicine by the Aztec Native American tribes in Mexico.