Discovering Jeju via photography

Discovering Jeju via photographyAn age-lined woman bursts head first from the ocean, mouth gasping for air, eyes shut in effort beneath the goggles of a full-body wet suit. Hikers trek up a snow covered Mt. Halla, a trail marked with wooden pegs and the deep trench of footsteps. The colorful hues of decorative fabrics are draped along an ancient shrine.

Kara-Kys Arakchaa about arzhaans of Tuva

Kara-Kys Arakchaa about arzhaans of TuvaUsually people start thinking about arzhaans closer to July, around the time when they "ripen". But we have several reasons to talk about healing springs in December. First, our ancerstors would start preparations for a trip to an arzhaan six months ahead of time, to get ready, and think everything out in great detail. Second, the project "Nine Treasures of Tuva" is coming to a close, and we would very much like arzhaans to be among the treasures. And the main reason is that after a political period in her life, Kara-Kys Arakchaa, a scientist-chemist, an author of the popular brochure "Story of the Arzhaans of Tuva" and a delegate to the State Duma, returned to Tuva.

The spirituality and culture of Aboriginal Australians at the Vatican Museums

The spirituality and culture of Aboriginal Australians at the Vatican MuseumsROME — The exhibition “Rituals of Life” is accessible to visitors to the Vatican Museums will be on display for all of 2011.
“Rituals of Life” is a journey through the spirituality and culture of the Aboriginal people of Australia through the collection brought together in the Ethnological Museum of the Vatican Museums. “Rituals of Life” was collated by Fr. Nicola Mapelli, Curator of the Ethnological Collections of the Vatican Museums, with the support and collaboration of the National Museum of Australia through the work of Senior Indigenous curator Margo Neale and Katherine Aigner; and with the assistance of Nadia Fiussello.

Faith healer turns 101 this weekend

Faith healer turns 101 this weekendDESPITE his age, a faith healer who will turn 101 years old on Jan. 8 has vowed n to stop healing people who come to him for help.
He explained that some illnesses involving bad spirits cannot be cured by modern medicine.
Sun.Star Cebu revisited Egino Casas Peñas, or Tatay Pino, in his house in Maghaway, Talisay City where he has lived since July 2010.

They're Singing Your Song

TheyWhen a woman in a certain African tribe knows
she is pregnant, she goes out into the wilderness
with a few friends and together they pray and
meditate until they hear the song of the child.
They recognize that every soul has its own vibration
that expresses its unique flavor and purpose. When
the women attune to the song, they sing it out loud.
Then they return to the tribe and teach it to everyone