Peace Pipe Passed

Peace Pipe PassedKaryn Cissill of Palm Dessert, Calif., sixth generation grandchild to Chief Sleepy Eye, was in attendance to pass on the pipe to the Sleepy Eye Area Historical Society.
Karyn is the last of Chief Sleepy Eye’s lineage.
Bryan Jon Maciewski, an Ojibwa Native American Spiritual Leader from Cloquet, lead the ceremony with prayers as the sacred pipe was lit and smoked in Native American tradition.

Release Peter Aziz

Release Peter AzizShaman Peter Aziz age 51, was recently jailed for 15 months for supplying Ayahuasca to his patients. The main compound found in this visionary healing drink is DMT. This compound is listed as a Class A drug. However every single person on this planet takes that drug every night when they go to sleep.

WikiLeaks cable lays into Mswati

WikiLeaks cable lays into MswatiWhistle-blower website WikiLeaks published several secret dispatches from the US embassy in Mbabane, which describe palace intrigues, ranging from royal infighting to a tantrum by Libya's Muammar Gaddafi over a plane ticket.
The hits to the high-living 43-year-old monarch come in the same week in which protestors staged a week of marches to denounce his autocratic rule, and protest the collapse of the economy.

North Sumatra's Medicine Men

North SumatraThe dirt path meanders up and down, cutting through a small forest, a clear river and tall bushes. Farmers in Siberteng, a hamlet in Barusjahe, North Sumatra, must take this route on foot to get to their orange orchards in the hills. But not all of them know that some of the wild plants growing in plain sight along the way can save lives.

Ancient history in plain sight at Four Corners

Ancient history in plain sight at Four CornersCORTEZ, Colo. - “One morning after heavy rains flooded that arroyo, I found a skull,’’ said Marc Yaxley, nodding toward the dry gully bordering his remote bed-and-breakfast. “I had my fingers in the eye sockets,’’ he said, before realizing he was handling someone’s head. “Every day is like a reality TV show here.’’