Corn rich in variety

Corn rich in varietyIt’s fair time — After showing your livestock it’s unusual food time — mostly fried, like Twinkies and funnel cakes. A newie lately is bacon dipped in chocolate.
Still, the one food that most of us have at the fair (as well as at home) is — corn on the cob covered with melted butter and whatever else is available.

Who Made That Hudson’s Bay Blanket?

Who Made That Hudson’s Bay Blanket?The multistripe Hudson’s Bay point blanket (also referred to as the Glacier National Park Blanket and the Chief Blanket) follows a very simple aesthetic pattern: green stripe, red stripe, yellow stripe and indigo stripe on a white background, mirrored on the top and bottom of each blanket. Lately, that recognizable motif has adorned a number of items from travel mugs to boots to Swiss Army knives to snow boards. The versatility of the pattern is a testament to the endurance of that basic color combination.

Old growth, old ways: 'Healing totem' carved from western red cedar makes its way east

Old growth, old ways: A 20-foot-tall healing totem pole loaded on an open flat-bed truck passed through North Dakota this week, receiving blessings from Indian tribes as it makes its way from the West Coast to permanent display near Washington, D.C.

Tribe turns to tradition to combat suicide

Tribe turns to tradition to combat suicideIt began inside a jail cell, where a young man hanged himself.
What followed was a cascade of death that threatened to engulf the Wind River Indian Reservation.
During August and September of 1985, nine young people killed themselves. Most were Northern Arapahos.

Ancestor-worshipping village shaman divines a path around Indonesia’s bureaucracy

Ancestor-worshipping village shaman divines a path around Indonesia’s bureaucracyIn Tumbang Saan, a village of huts built on stilts in Borneo’s vast rainforest, village elder Udatn had a problem.
He’s a spiritual leader in Kaharingan, one of a number of names for the ancestor-worshipping, spirit-divining religion of Borneo’s indigenous forest people, the Dayak.