Cave Drops Hints to Earliest Glass of Red

Cave Drops Hints to Earliest Glass of RedScientists have reported finding the oldest known winemaking operation, about 6,100 years old, complete with a vat for fermenting, a press, storage jars, a clay bowl and a drinking cup made from an animal horn. Grape seeds, dried pressed grapes, stems, shriveled grapevines and residue were also found, and chemical analyses indicate red wine was produced there.

Two spirit love on the rez

Two spirit love on the rez“They were bawling their eyes out,” Waawaate Fobister recalls. Fobister had just performed Agokwe, his award-winning play about gay love on the rez, for the first time in front of all his native peers in Kenora, Ontario.
"I had really jock-y guys going, 'Fuck man, that was a really good play, yo!'" says Waawaate Fobister, recalling the first time he performed his award-winning play Agokwe in front of his native peers. The play opens in Vancouver on Jan 17.

“I’m Dangerous With Love”

“I’m Dangerous With Love”“I’m Dangerous With Love” is about addiction and rehabilitation, activism and shamanism. Dimitri Mugianis who starts out as the heavily addicted front man for the band Leisure Class ends his long drug and alcohol addiction with an experimental treatment that uses the hallucinogen ibogaine.

Why the Pascua Yaqui Prayer Matters for Tucson

Why the Pascua Yaqui Prayer Matters for TucsonIt is fitting and proper that Dr. Carlos Gonzales offers a prayer at tonight's memorial for the victims, survivors and their families of the shooting that left Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords in critical condition. Dr. Gonzales is an associate professor at the University of Arizona, College of Medicine. He is a medical doctor. He is also a Pascua Yaqui Indian who embraces his culture and is learning the ways of traditional healing.

A guide to the door of the underworld

A guide to the door of the underworldOTTAWA — At 84, Sheila Wright was sick, bereft, and tired of life. She’d lost her brother and husband, and she could no longer ski, skate, or play tennis; a heartbreaker for a woman who had won a mixed open doubles tournament just four years earlier.