Navajo Nation Fights Urban Outfitters Over 'Disrespectful' Clothing Line

Navajo Nation Fights Urban Outfitters Over Urban Outfitters' line of Navajo-branded clothing and accessories has set off a firestorm online and within the Navajo Nation government, with allegations of trademark violations and criticism of the products -- particularly underwear and a liquor flask -- that many tribal members consider disrespectful.

'Columbus was the enemy'

Bart Cartwright cant give a definite answer as to who discovered the Americas. But one thing hes sure of: It wasnt Christopher Columbus.
The 53-year-old Lenape Indian insists we were here first, meaning natives already populated the Americas North, Central and South before Columbus arrived in 1492.

Shaman warns South Africa to cough up or be damned

Shaman warns South Africa to cough up or be damnedSouth African football's recent poor luck may be down to the anger of a local shaman.
After missing out on a place in the African Cup of Nations by miscalculating the results required to qualify, the South African FA has been embroiled in more controversy this week after a local shaman claimed he was owed 90,000 Rand (about 8,000) for providing the 'magic' behind their success over France in last year's World Cup.

Local man finds peace with Amazonian shaman

Local man finds peace with Amazonian shamanFirst-time flyer Nick Lewis says travelling into the Peruvian jungle was nerve-racking, but his return to Sarnia was a gentle voyage following a three-week, mind-altering experience with traditional 'medicine.
"I was relaxed," said Lewis, 22.
He chose a personal retreat in Peru based on Internet research, believing it would help with his mental turmoil.

Birthplace of China's last dynasty

Birthplace of ChinaDespite having completed six years of Chinese history classes at high school, Shen Di had to once again bury her nose in history after signing up as a tour guide at the Old City of Hetu Ala. Her mission: to delve deeper into the birth of China's last imperial dynasty.
"We didn't study this in such detail in school," the 21-year-old Shen says, during a tour through a 500-meter-long covered walkway, its walls painted with scenes depicting the rise of the Qing Dynasty (1644-1911), as well as its traditional Manchurian culture.