Why we invented monsters

Why we invented monstersMonsters fill the mythic landscape. In Hawaiian myth, there is a human with a “shark-mouth” in the middle of his back. In Aboriginal myth, there is a creature with the body of a human, the head of a snake, and the suckers of an octopus. In South American myth, there is the were-jaguar; in Native American myth, there are flying heads, human-devouring eagles, predatory owl-men, water-cannibals, horned snakes, giant turtles, monster bats, and even a human-eating leech as large as a house.

Little angels

Little angelsBong! Bong! Bong!" goes the gong and some introductory speeches later, the cherubic, nine-year-old Korean girl Moon Ji Soo appears on stage, dressed in the traditional red and green ensemble complete with headgear, three tassels hanging on her forehead.

New “sun worship” sites found at Stonehenge

New “sun worship” sites found at StonehengeArcheologists have discovered two new pits at the mysterious Stonehenge site that shed potential light on its ritual use. The pits are aligned in a celestial pattern, suggesting that they could have been used for sunrise and sunset rituals; the pits pre-date the construction of the famous rock formations more than 5,000 years ago.

Sangoma launches unique dice to help choose lucky numbers

Sangoma launches unique dice to help choose lucky numbersA South African Sangoma has developed a unique, 50-sided dice used to seek assistance from ancestors in choosing lucky numbers for lotteries and games.
Sangoma Dice(tm) was conceived by healer and Sangoma, n'wamdun'wazi (Mjaji Flora Hlungwani) from Josefa, a rural African village in far northern Limpopo province.

Brazil: Guarani Leader Slain by Masked Gunmen

Brazil: Guarani Leader Slain by Masked GunmenA hit squad of some 40 masked gunmen on November 18 executed a cacique or traditional leader of Brazil’s Kaiowa-Guarani people. Nísio Gomes, 59, was shot down in front of his community, on disputed lands near the Paraguayan border in Mato Grosso do Sul state.