Amphiareion: Cures like a dream

Amphiareion: Cures like a dreamAmphiareion, in a fertile valley in northern Attica, 4 kilometers from the present-day village of Kalamos and 50 km from Athens, was a holy healing place and sanctuary in ancient times.
The system of healing that was employed there has been likened to shamanism, as it relied on a complex process including baths, fasting, meditation, animal sacrifice, a sleep ritual (enkoimesis) and the interpretation of patients’ dreams by the priests to prescribe the suitable therapy.

Archeologists dig up ancient civilization in Tuva

Archeologists dig up ancient civilization in TuvaThe head of Tuva, an autonomous republic within Russia, Mr. Sholban Kara-ool has said at a press conference that Tuva has many unique historic monuments.
Tuva is situated in southern Siberia. The religion of the local population is a mixture of shamanism and Buddhism.Mr. Kara-ool welcomed tourists from all over the world to come to Tuva and see what archeologists have found there.


Michigan-struggles-to-preserve-Native-American-rock-carvingsThe archer appears at one end of the sandstone outcropping — carved into the soft rock as a lesson to future generations. For members of the Anishinabek Tribe, this interpreted symbol, known as Ebmodaakowet, is a promise to pass on wisdom and knowledge to the following seven generations.

Brother to all: Survey of Muscogee philosophy

Brother to all: Survey of Muscogee philosophyNative American scholars have mixed feelings about projects such as Moundville Archaeological Park, says Marcus Briggs-Cloud, who teaches Mvskoke language and philosophy at the College of the Muscogee Nation in Oklahoma.
"Our stories tell us we are descendants of the Mound Builders," Briggs-Cloud said this week from his office in Oklahoma. "People are always trying to romanticize, to crystallize us in the past. But we are not to be crystallized or restricted to the past. Ours is a living, vibrant culture."

When Badimo call, you cannot decline

When Badimo call, you cannot declineDespite the fact that the Christian faith has made its mark in the lives of many Batswana, there are some who still believe in the African Traditional Religions (ATR).
Take Sangoma Mantho Kgakge of Mokwena ward in Pilikwe. For starters, Kgakge is one of the few sangomas found in the area if not in the country making her one of the revered if not feared traditional doctors around.