Ancient Aborigines understood eclipses

Ancient Aborigines understood eclipsesAustralian Aboriginal accounts of lunar and solar eclipses indicate many traditional communities understood the movement of the Sun, Earth and Moon. The research by Duane Hamacher from Sydney's Macquarie University and accepted for publication in the journal Journal of Astronomical History & Heritage and appearing on the website, indicates Aboriginal communities in different parts of Australia often have similar traditional stories to explain these events.

New isolated Amazon tribe

New isolated Amazon tribeAs far as I am aware, the discovery was first reported June 16 by A Critica newspaper in Manaus, and confirmed this week by the Brazilian government’s national Indian foundation, known as Funai. The new tribe was discovered in the remote eastern part of the Brazilian Amazon about 1,130 kilometers east of Manaus.

Uncontacted tribe discovered in the Amazon

Uncontacted tribe discovered in the AmazonOfficials from Brazil's National Indian Foundation (Funai) have announced the discovery of another uncontacted tribe living deep inside the Amazon Jungle. The tribe is estimated to have a population of about 200 people who have continued to live in the same natural manner for centuries, untouched by the modern world.

Why the world won't end in 2012

Why the world wonMAYAN RIVIERA, MEXICO–If there's a word in Mayan for "malarkey" that's what shaman Gerardo Carrera thinks of Hollywood's end-of-days spin on Dec. 21, 2012.
With Roland Emmerich's big-budget disaster movie 2012 riding a wave of studio publicity into theatres Nov. 13, people are talking about what seems to be the date the sophisticated Maya calendar runs out, perhaps triggering the downfall of civilization.

Richey: Yellow dock can be used for survival

Richey: Yellow dock can be used for survivalYellow dock (Rumex crispus), also known as curly dock due to the wavy edges of its long, narrow leaves, is an introduced plant from Northern Africa, Europe and Asia. It's currently found all over North and South America, and has become a staple in traditional American herbal medicine practices.