JOURNEYS: THE SPIRIT OF DISCOVERYA SMALL family group is kneeling on the floor behind a row of candles. In the middle is the shaman; before him are the tools of his trade: a living but possibly drugged hen, a bottle of the local firewater known as pox, and a couple of bottles of Coca-Cola.

Must Humans Go the Way of the Dinosaurs?

Must Humans Go the Way of the Dinosaurs?Spiders sling webs between stalks and catch flies, termites create voluminous clay mounds, anemones grow on reefs, tortoises dig burrows in which to sleep away the winter, bacteria explode in a drop of dew, and humans make villages, cities and towns. Obeying the dictates of evolution, all animals probe opportunities and try different strategies.

Listening to Plants Guides Traditional Healing

Listening to Plants Guides Traditional HealingWhen I asked the shaman about their healing methods they told me, “ask the plants,” explains Enrique Barbano Quijano. Henri, as he is called by his friends, is an herbalist and traditional healer. A former Seventh-Day Adventist minister and evangelist that preached with the likes of Billy Graham, he spends most of his time now in the jungles of the Amazon researching medicinal plants with traditional healers.

Ecuador: four months to save the world's last great wilderness from 'oil curse'

Ecuador: four months to save the worldWhere the foothills of the Andes meet the vast Amazonian rainforest in eastern Ecuador there is a small town called Shell. It's a pockmarked, termite-eaten, one-street place which doubles as a missionary centre and a regional airstrip, but it was here in 1937 that the mighty Shell oil company based its crack Latin American oil-prospecting team. The prize was the vast deposits of crude oil believed then – and now known – to lie beneath some of the densest forests in the world.

Cultural healing methods in the Philippines are unique

Cultural healing methods in the Philippines are uniqueHILOT involves manipulation of joints, massage. It's like a combination of massage & chiropractic but differs very much in the sense that it includes a form of spiritual healing. It really depends on who is doing the hilot. Old women are mostly the ones who practice. This makes our hilot practitioners very unique indeed.