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It was around 8 pm on July 17th, 2009 when our journey began. There were 17 in our group, plus two young girls from Taiwan in addition to our Ayahuascan Master, Pandora and our Shaman Q'ero leaders. There was nervousness, uncertainty, excitement and wonderment as we began our Read more...

Geralynn Lion, New Orleans, North America

Bob Hanna SameIt was the eve of summerís solstice when over twenty of us gathered in a small clearing beside a lovely pond. We came to participate in an ancient Peruvian ceremony where we will drink San Pedro, a benevolent cactus used for over 4,000 years for healing, divination, and expanding Read more...

Bob Hanna Same, Asheville, North America

Dusk is near and fleeting, the crunch of our feet in the snow is almost inaudible next to the bursting chatter of excited party-goers. We are on our way out of town, headed to some ski hill gathering. I

couldn't feel farther away from these

Tana Chambers, Grande Prairie, Canada

Kimberly BurnhamA Shaman's Journey To Inner Peace and Outer Expression

A trio of Andrean ibises, high above me in the rocks, squawk and scold, as if to say,

"Why are you here?"
"Why do you disturb our peace?"

For a moment I wonder,
"Why

Kimberly Burnham, West Hartford, CT, North America

I came from a dark place, a place of selfishness, violence, abuse, alcohol & drugs. I never thought of my future, I never gave thought to who I was, or what I would become. I wasn't always this way, I grew up in a typical middle class American Family, but Read more...

Dawn of the Red Hawk Mr, Apache Junction, North America