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Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries

Zulu Shaman: Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries

Region: Northeast
Location: Anywhere in the world


In this rare window into Zulu mysticism, Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa breaks the bonds of traditional silence to share his personal experience as a Zulu shaman. Set against the backdrop of post-colonial South Africa, Zulu Shaman relays the first-person accounts of an African healer and reveals the cosmology of the Zulu. Mutwa begins with the compelling story of his personal journey as an English-trained Christian schoolteacher who receives a calling to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps: to preserve the knowledge of his ancestors and encourage his vision of a world united in peace and harmony, Mutwa shares previously guarded secrets of Zulu healing and spiritual practice, including the curing power of the sangoma and the psychic powers of his people.

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