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Claude Poncelet: Partnering with Illness, Elderhood and the Unknown

Claude Poncelet: Partnering with Illness, Elderhood and the Unknown

Start date: September 9th, 2017
End date: September 10th, 2017
Region: Northwest
Location: near Portland Oregon


In this workshop, we will explore how to approach illness and healing, based on Claude’s personal approach to an advanced metastasized lung cancer. We will delve into the use of a shamanic practice and of basic spiritual principles of the sacred, of non-separation and interconnectedness, and of love, in facing an illness and seeking healing from both traditional western medicine and alternative sources. We will explore the importance, the role and the challenges of the caretaker. We will also explore with the help of spirits how to approach our roles as elders, particularly living in a society that has by and large lost its sense of elderhood. We will learn how to more consciously move into this role of nurturers of community, spiritual teachers and mentors, and guardians of the deeper meanings of life and of service to the larger society. This exploration of elderhood will be relevant for those in or contemplating elderhood, as well as for younger participants. As we face a severe illness and/or move into elderhood, our awareness of the Unknown, which is inherent in everyday life, is heightened. Thus the Unknown will be an inherent part of this workshop.

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