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Medicine Woman Visions: The Four Hoops of Power

Medicine Woman Visions: The Four Hoops of Power

Start date: April 14th, 2017
End date: May 12th, 2017
Region: Nationwide
Location: Global Online Workshop


The Four Hoops of Power were taught to me by the Sisterhood of the Shields as a way for me to truly grasp the different levels of consciousness and awareness that are achievable when I open to them. Hoops of power symbolize the experiences in your life. They are one way of seeing how you are growing.

The many online courses I am offering this year focus on Power, and how we can use it to reach mastery in our lives. The first course focused on strengthening your Dream Body, which is how we build our muscles to achieve the spiritual goals we have for ourselves. Dreaming is a direct connection into the world of Spirit, and the more proficient we are at moving into Dreaming, the more we derive from the experience. Learning to Dream is part of the magic of recovering our original nature, of stepping out of someone else’s dream and choosing our own.

At our Joshua Tree event this year, we will dive deeper into the world of dreaming, and by understanding the Four Hoops of Power, you can better focus your dreaming to help you manifest your true Act of Power in the world. I hope you will join this course, and register for Joshua Tree as well.

I have a FREE GIFT for you when you register for this new online course: and audio tape with a teaching from Ani, one of my teachers from the Sisterhood of the Shields, and me about working with power, and working at a distance. I so want you to succeed in all you do – and I love working with you!

In spirit,
Lynn Andrews

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