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Peru Pilgrimage

Peru Pilgrimage

Region: Australia
Location: Cusco Peru


Spend 18 days in Peru, transforming your life

4th to 22nd May 2017

Take a pilgrimage of a life time where you will experience the most powerful sacred sites, temples, portals and archeological secrets that South America has to offer.

Be guided by local Andean Pacos, also known as medicine men or shamans, who work with unconditional love and divine masculine energy.

They come from a long line of ancestral Pacos, passing rituals and knowledge of healing through generations. Come on a journey and discover the secrets of this sacred world.

“There is a great longing within each of us. We long to discover the secrets and mysteries of our individual lives, to find our unique way of belonging to this world, to recover the never-before- seen treasure we were born to bring to our communities. To carry this treasure to others is half of our spiritual longing. The other half is to experience our oneness with the universe, with all of creation.”

Bill Plotkin - Soulcraft

The Pacos will guide us through the mountains, and through a deep transformational journey of our inner wilderness, while offering teachings on the Andean way of life and cosmology.

Working with Grandfather medicine, Wachuma, we will experience a deeply profound yet gentle heart opening that will assist in seeing through veils of illusion.

Wachuma has been used for more than 10,000 years in Peru, and is a medicine of the heart that connects us deeply to ourselves, each other and pachamama (the earth) - to the trees, the streams, the rocks, giving you a direct experience of no separation.

This is a journey of profound love, joy, connection, a remembering of who you truly are, and activation of your path for living to your fullest potential.

On this profound experience, we will be supported by many masters both physical and nonphysical. The Apus (mountain spirits) will make their presence known and felt throughout the entire journey.

The Pacos will be supporting us with their unconditional love and wisdom. And the temples, portals and power of the land will make this an experience of life altering proportions.

Be prepared to move mountains.

For more information and detailed daily itineray please email

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