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Healing What Grieves You - Shamanic weekend retreat

Healing What Grieves You - Shamanic weekend retreat

Start date: May 20th, 2017
End date: May 21st, 2017
Region: Northeast
Location: Niorth Jersey, Nyack, NY and NYV metro area


If you have been feeling heavy, listless, tired, unwell, or if you have never been the same since that "something" happened in your life, please consider whether unhealed grief may be weighing you down. Grief is a universal experience, a strong, inescapable response to a loss. Your loss may not have been a death. Maybe it happened when your business went bankrupt, or when a serious illness or accident drastically altered your expectations for your future. In our culture, there is often little room to process or heal our grief and so it often remains dormant, waiting for our attention. It may hide, but it doesn't go away.
Unhealed, stuck grief can block the healthy flow of energy in our lives, stealing our life force, numbing our emotions and robbing us of joy.
Fortunately, there are simple but powerful tools of shamanism to help people recognize and heal their grief. Based on my soon-to-be-released book, Healing What Grieves You: 4 Simple Steps to a Peaceful Heart," I will be facilitating a weekend retreat on the weekend of May 20-21 at the Cuppa Pulp Center in Nyack, NY.
It can be hard work, but I promise you it could change your life in a very beautiful way.
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