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Toltec solution. 12 conscious dreamers.

Toltec solution.  12 conscious dreamers.

Start date: April 8th, 2017
End date: April 22nd, 2017
Region: Mexico
Location: wirrikuta. Desert of San Luis Potosi. Teotihuaca


Toltec solutions - Twelve conscious dreamers.
Freedom from time.
The conscious dream of your life…………………
8 – 22/29 April. 2017 Centre of the conscious dream. Desert of San Luis Potosi. Mexico.

The personal journey.

We start with the conscious breath, the way in which everything returns to itself.

We open the eyes - deeper ways of seeing.

We open the dreaming body. The dreaming body can extend from the physical body and relate to all the other energies that are in constant communication with us -

The four elements of Air, Fire, Earth and Water; the trees, the rocks, the animals, the humans, the planet earth, the stars, the galaxy, the universe.

We extend the dreaming body through all our interconnected dreams until we reach the dreamer who dreams us. We then have the chance to become the co-creators of the dream of our own lives; to liberate ourselves from our own illusions and touch the truth and essence of who we really are.

Unlocking the doors of time.

The bigger picture.

In touch with the creative principle, the conscious dreamer then becomes a powerful tool for the universe.
Opening to the 12 conscious dreamers who dream the universe, the new seeds of thought-form can be brought through the expanded conscious breath.
Change can take place on all levels……..personal, cultural, planetary, galactic, universal, conscious.

The conscious dreamer opens the heart and mind to release trapped and lost souls and makes the spaces for the new birth.

This is the most revolutionary movement available for the human spiritual warrior. This is the way in which we make a clear difference to our own lives and the lives of generations to come.

The conscious dreamer is an active revolutionary warrior, taking full responsibility for the dream of his or her life, overcoming the fears of their own power, and becoming the powerful instrument of change in the ecstatic free universal breath.

A different kind of community

A conscious dreaming community is formed by shared intent. The objective of the community is to overcome personal reactions (like/dislike) so that the focus can be maintained in the dreaming bodies attempt to successfully combine different frequencies of earth and sky. Each member of the circle is an instrument, and through finding clarity of expression combined with deep listening to the others, a natural harmonic vibration of the circle creates the optimum possibility of deep healing and change. When it works, the individuals together create a link which, when using the rules and art of sacred geometry, augment the potency of the breath. A successful conscious dreaming circle is extremely powerful for both the individual and the planet earth and eventually for all of consciousness.

Personal gains.

This course offers training in shamanic and other energetic techniques of self-healing and healing of others. It teaches also techniques in focusing vision and fostering the creative fire. It is useful for business and professional people who wish to define their vision, artists who wish to evolve in their creativity, and healers who wish to develop their skills base. It is also useful for anyone who simply wishes to enquire deeper into the biggest questions that arise in their lives – who am I, where do I come from and why am I here?

This retreat can be taken as part of a longer practical intuitive shamanic training program if desired.
Centre of the conscious dream.

The centre of the conscious dream is
in the desert of San Luis Potosi at the end of the Wirrikuta pilgrimage route. Free from the distractions and interferences of the city, it offers space and time. You can walk undisturbed in each direction and your eyes can wander uninterrupted to the horizon.

You can see a twenty minute video which gives the history of the centre and shows the area on the following link.

for a full itinerary go to the link.

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