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Ayni Despacho: Connection in the Web of Life, A Benefit for Standing Rock

Region: West
Location: Sonoma, North SF Bay CA


Join us for a beautiful ceremony on New Year’s Eve. On the cusp of winter, returning light, and a full moon, we will co-create an Ayni despacho, a living mandala of our offerings.

Our focus will be on feeding spirit, hope, and connection: in ourselves, with the earth, and with water protectors everywhere.

When you engage fully in this traditional Andean ceremony, the energy moves. You make space for something new; you reconnect in ways that can carry you forward in these times of change.

You’ll feel the shifts reverberate vibrationally in your body and cells. You’ll experience change somatically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Creating this ceremony in reciprocity is a wonderful way of focusing your intent, giving back to the Earth and spirits, and being with your tribe. It is a gift to the universe.

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Your donation goes entirely to Standing Rock.

Sponsored by Meg Beeler, Shamanic Guide and author of Living in the Heart of the Universe.

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