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Practical Toltec Knowledge

Practical Toltec Knowledge

Start date: March 21st, 2017
End date: March 21st, 2018
Region: Mexico
Location: Online Workshop.One year extensive program.


This workshop is a gathering of the most efficient tools and techniques from Mexican indigenous knowledge, that allow creating new and better ways to live through purposeful acts based on self awareness.

The peculiarity of this workshop is that it can be done during your everyday life; with the great advantage that the real difficulties and problems to solve are located right there; It's a detailed full body mirror and the best gym you could ever find. Right there are the issues that produce conflict and suffering of any kind in your life.

This is an invitation to a life changing portal into betterment and freedom.

If you are reading this, could it be a call?

Visit our Webpage! Get to know the details, read participants testimonials, explore the work's content, objectives and work modules.

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