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Sacred Fire ~ A Journey of Initiation in Mexico

Sacred Fire ~ A Journey of Initiation in Mexico

Start date: March 30th, 2017
End date: April 15th, 2017
Region: Mexico
Location: Tepoztlan, Merida, Tulum


Wild Heart Awakening is pleased to offer the experience of a lifetime with our annual quest to the mysterious land of the Maya.

This journey of initiation is for anyone who is called to transform their lives through traditional ceremonies, sacred plant medicines, core-shamanic practices, drum journeys, Mayan Cosmology, yoga, meditation, exploring sacred sites, medicine wheel work, and much more.

It takes courage to walk a SACRED PATH, for it is here, within the most intimate parts of our being that we learn to create a life of depth, meaning, connection, inner freedom and authenticity.

If you are ready to transform your life and experience the majesty and power of Mexico, visit:

Alberto Yarleke ~ Medicine Man, Temazcal Leader, Sun Dancer, Healer, Teacher
Alberto was born in Peru and comes from a long line of Quechua healers and medicine people. He lives in Mexico where he works nationally and internationally facilitating many traditional and sacred plant medicine ceremonies around the world.

Beáta Alföldi ~ Shamanic Practitioner, Healer, Workshop Facilitator, Seer, Ceremonial Leader, Writer and Speaker
Beáta was born in Hungary and facilitates private sessions, classes, workshops and retreats worldwide. She has an intuitive gift for assisting individuals through deep transformation and travels internationally for her work.

Miguel Angel Vergara ~ Mayan Priest, Healer and Teacher
Miguel Angel is a Mayan Priest and teacher who lives and works in the Yucatán, Mexico. He was the director at Chichen Itza for four years and has written books and given lectures and conferences on the sacred knowledge of the Maya throughout the world.


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