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Shamanic Women Yoga Retreat

Shamanic Women Yoga Retreat

Region: West
Location: Portugal


Shamanic Yoga Retreat for women is an invitation to reconnect to the soft and feminine place within, to open your heart, reclaim your spirit and power in life! This unique retreat is essential for all those who wish to promote well-being and ease in life and to truly meet themselves.

Come and experience daily yoga and meditation classes, art and dance workshops, and deep shamanic healing, all while enjoying the most delicious vegetarian food you have ever tasted.

The retreat include:
Yoga and meditation - morning practice for a strong and flexible body
Dance, Arts and crafts - helps you to reconnect with your creative and expressive side
Sacred sounds - healing vibrations of sacred sound journeys
Shamanic healing - includes Temascal (sweat lodge) ceremony and shamanic meditations

3 healthy delicious meals per day
5 days accommodations
All workshops and classes
Day trip to the beach

About the Facilitators:

Einat Ran-founder of "Einat Freedom Yoga", a certified and experienced yoga instructor, a dance performer, and artist.

She is devoted to what she calls "the Art of Awareness", which combines the transformative tools of yoga, meditation, dance, and shamanic teachings. For the last 13 years she has explored and shared the practices that have helped her in her own development, both during a successful business career and her ongoing transition to a more authentic way of life, better aligned with her true self. She considers life a work in progress and aspires to walk her talk while on her path.

She completed her Vini yoga teacher training at the Wingate Institute, Israel, and attended intensive training courses at the KYM School in Chennai, India. She is fortunate to be able travel the world, studying, and teaching yoga and dance. She currently runs yoga, dance, and shamanic yoga workshops and retreats in India, Europe, and Brazil.

Marília and Catarina - Shamanic healing guides, spiritual teachers, and healers.
Marília and Catarina are shamanic healing women, spiritual teachers, and healers. They work together for four years, giving shamanic healing meditations, travelling the world, doing gatherings and women circles of the divine feminine, living the shamanic healing wheel. They learned in the Peruvian Amazon Jungle with both Shipibo and Ashaninka tribes, how to be responsible givers and guides of the Shamanic healing meditation.

This retreat will take place in Monte Mariposa Retreat Center, Algarve, Portugal. The location for this year's shamanic yoga retreat for women was chosen for the beauty of its natural surroundings, harmonious atmosphere, and nourishing environment. Monte Mariposa is located near Fonte do Bispo, which is two kilometers east of Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo and 10 kilometers northwest of Tavira, in South Portugal.

Monte Mariposa is a residential retreat center in the heart of the Algarve. The center is located in a beautiful valley which creates the supportive environment for what they offer. One of their purposes is to live in harmony with nature and to create a loving and welcoming atmosphere for the guests. The facilities are simple, functional, and comfortable. Here you can find comfortable dormitory rooms as well as double and triple rooms.

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