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Paqo Farms Apprenticeship in Hawai`i

Paqo Farms Apprenticeship in Hawai`i

Start date: June 4th, 2016
End date: June 4th, 2020
Region: Hawaii
Location: BIG ISLAND


Here is an opportunity to live like a Q'ero in Paradise.
Come learn INKA NATURE WISDOM on an organic farm in Hawaii. Starting in June `Ai Lani Orchards will begin its' one month apprenticeship program. You will work, live, and play on our glorious Organic Orchards in the DEEP SOUTH of the Big Island of Hawaii located just next to the two geologic anomaly mountains that the Native Hawaiians say are the last two peaks of ancient MU. Your Inka trainings includes 20 hours per week of organic farm SERVICE to connect you with the living land and 10 hours per week of Inka training with Elizabeth B. Jenkins, author of the internationally Bestselling book THE RETURN OF THE INKA, JOURNEY TO Q'EROS, and THE FOURTH LEVEL: Nature Wisdom Teachings of the Inka. Elizabeth has 28 years experience and training in the Inka tradition and Q'ero Healers often visit her farm.
Tuition for the month long includes lodging, some food, and 2 private hours long sessions with Elizabeth. Only 2-5 apprentices are accepted each month. Month longs are on-going but not every month and last from New Moon to New Moon. Tuition $995 for the entire month!

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