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Flight of the Goose: Shamanism in Alaskan Arctic

Flight of the Goose: Shamanism in Alaskan Arctic

Region: Alaska
Location: Bering Strait


"Flight of the Goose" is about Inuit shamanism and a harrowing shamanic initiation - it portrays culture clash in the Alaskan Arctic of climate change, Big Oil, and the extinction of Nature and ancient traditions. All is woven through a tragic love story. Through great loss comes healing and hope through the spiritual path.

Lesley Thomas comes from the Arctic of which she writes. "Flight of the Goose" is recommended by Sandra Ingerman, Native Alaskan elders, top Arctic anthropologists, and ecologists.

"Sacred Hoops Magazine" review: "Thomas deals with shamanism and sorcery in a very realistic way... the storytelling is compelling, and quite frankly I couldn’t put it down."

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