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Dreams and Tracking in the Kalahari

Dreams and Tracking in the Kalahari

Start date: March 8th, 2020
End date: March 16th, 2020
Region: Central
Location: Kalahari Desert (Botswana)


A 7-day retreat in the heart of the Kalahari with John Lockley and Alwyn Myburgh joined by special guests, !!Xo Bushman/San elders.

The first of its kind in modern times a sangoma & a tracker taking participants on an inner and outer journey to connect to their wildness. Like the Bushmen people of old in the Kalahari, participants will be guided to the source of their being, the dream-time to reconnect with their purpose or calling in this life. John and Alwyn are world-renowned teachers and experts in their field.

John Lockley's course will cover:
* Connecting with our Ancestors
* Animal Spirits
* Plant Medicine Ceremony
* Dreaming & connecting with prophetic dreams

Alwyn Myburgh's course will cover:
* Animal Communication & Interspecies Dialogue
* The Language of Birds
* Tracking
* Plant Medicine of the Kalahari

* A percentage of profits go towards the local San community to improve their life.

For registration details contact Beverly at

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