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Shamanic Healing Expedition to Ecuador

Shamanic Healing Expedition to Ecuador

Start date: January 2nd, 2020
End date: January 16th, 2020
Region: Nationwide
Location: Ecuador- Andes & Amazon


Shamanic Healing Expedition to Ecuador
Andes and Amazon regions

A truly magical, healing–on all levels–and life-transforming trip experience. You will meet the Sieko'pai’s​ (Secoya) elders in their beautiful pristine Amazon and some of my teachers in the High Andes Mountains. You will experience the ancient and powerful La Limpia ceremonies (negative energy removal and purification ), Yaje - plant medicine ceremonies, leisurely nature hikes, community events, the wonder of the Andes and Amazonian flora, birds, animals, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, and much more.

Led by Itzhak Beery & Juan Carlos Calvachi

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