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Belly Dance As A Shamanic Practice

Belly Dance As A Shamanic Practice

Start date: December 12th, 2019
End date: December 22nd, 2019
Region: Egypt
Location: Luxor


This retreat is yours if you have been called to Egypt, if you have been suffering with sexuality/power issues, lack of confidence and/or the inability to express yourself and your authentic Voice.

I have been working with movement in my shamanic circles since 2015, including experiments in teaching belly dance for spirituality... Now I am creating a specialized retreat for ladies, Egyptian and foreign, to learn Egyptian belly dance from a person who has it in her DNA and has been doing it all her life, mixed with the sacred teachings of shamanism.

A typical day will be a shamanic tour in the temples, lunch, rest, then an evening dance workshop.

The workshop sessions will develop from basic expression exercises into full spontaneous dance led by kundalini rising up your spine, transforming your life forever.

The last day will be dedicated to winter solstice initiations and practices.

The exchange for the workshop is USD 275 for foreigners. All other expenses are excluded. Accommodation in Luxor West Bank can be as little as LE 100-150 a day.

Bio: My name is Tamara Maat, and I am an Egyptian shaman spontaneously initiated in the sacred sites of Egypt (

Deadline for booking is November 1st, 2019.

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