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Holistic Shamanic Practitioner Program

Holistic Shamanic Practitioner Program

Start date: October 8th, 2016
End date: October 14th, 2017
Region: Northeast
Location: Danbury, CT


A Program in Contemporary and Ancient Cross-Cultural Shamanic Techniques, and Andean Mesa Building

NEW PROGRAM WILL START OCTOBER 2016, one Saturday per month, at WCSU, Danbury, CT, Sponsored by the Institute of Holistic Health Studies; classes will be held from 10am-5pm.

This 13-month program will incorporate teachings based on the healing traditions of the Americas with an emphasis on the Peruvian/Andean traditions, Global and Core Shamanism, Angelic healing, practical hands-on energy healing techniques, holistic wellness education, how to integrate Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques, and teachings from the Western Mystery Schools and modern mystical traditions.

Students will also create a mesa (a portable altar from the Andean traditions) throughout the duration of this program to use in their healing work. Students will also receive shamanic rites and initiations (attunements) throughout the program to support their healing, empowerment, spiritual growth and awareness. While this program will include significant instruction and teachings of various techniques from various traditions as a foundation, the student will be encouraged to develop their own "medicine" through practice and their own intuitive guidance and connection to Spirit. This is not training for one to become a "shaman."

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