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BEYI Ritual

BEYI Ritual

Start date: June 22nd, 2018
End date: June 24th, 2018
Region: Southeast
Location: Asheville, NC, USA


Join world-renowned author, teacher, diviner & elder Malidoma Somé for the BEYI Ritual.

BEYI is a traditional Dagara ritual in which one has the rare and unique opportunity to explore, deepen and bring forth one’s purpose, while being seen & supported within community. One is witnessed and honored as they further embody their true spiritual name. Each of us, together with our Ancestors, determined why we would incarnate on the Earth at this time.

BEYI is a ritual that offers those who are yearning to birth their purpose, and step more fully into their leadership & wisdom~ an opportunity to do so withe the support of a loving community. BEYI is a three-day ritual led by Elder Malidoma Somé and supported by other Elders and Bokara~ who will be there to assist you with the unearthing of your purpose in this world. Encouragement and the embodiment and sharing of one’s personal medicine is present.

BEYI is available to any person who feels their gift, their purpose pressing from within, ready to expand forth even more into this world.

BEYI offers clarity about oneself, and the gift of leadership that will be offered to one’s family, community and world.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to reach into the realm of ancient wisdom, touch the heart of your soul, and hear your Medicine Name resonating with the pulse of your purpose for being here at this time.

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