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Shamanic Breath Work Illuminations

Shamanic Breath Work Illuminations

Region: Northeast
Location: New England


Auria Gaines of Sacred Earth Medicine offers shamanic breath healing sessions. We work with the vehicle of breath to tap into the infinity loop of the spirit of our breathe and that of the divine eternal spirit that breathes in all. Included is healing guided my spirit allies as well as processing afterwards through creative forms to integrate the powerful shifts that are experienced in the session. Auria has been weaving along the shamanic web via her mentors and spirit allies for over 10 years and grew up supported in her childhood psychic abilities and communication with spirits as natural. She is dedicated to her path 100& with humbleness continually going deeper with her relationships with her mentors and spirit allies. As well as her commitment luminous shift of the earth. She also teachers and offers all shamanic healing sessions as guided by her spirit mentors and allies. You can call or email her to help support you as a co-creator of your own healing transformation on your sacred journey.

Auria Gaines

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