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"Sky and Root" Profuond experience in MEXICO

"Sky and Root" Profuond experience in MEXICO

Start date: April 20th, 2018
End date: April 27th, 2018
Region: Mexico
Location: Estado de Mexico and Guerrero


A high and profound work, an invitation to transcend your limits working in power places that honor the name. One higher than the clouds, the other deep underground.
The Nevado de Toluca Volcano and The San Jerónimo Underground River.

This workshop is a fusion of adventure sports, inner conscious work with Toltec tools and techniques to explore and modify ones personality and life into a richer experience, that unravels a holistic view of the person. A fantastic way to grow going profound in your being, having fun and enjoying nature deeper than ever.

Explore and work with the body, the mind, feelings, relationships, nutrition, general health, to create an optimal healthy foundation to allow consciousness and a lucid existence.

We engage to work the Poderios (Conscious forces) of nature and their awareness. as a source of inspiration and strength to overcome any difficulties that might exist in your life. Challenges that invite you to transcend the blockages and limitations. Catapult yourself to the best version of yourself.

Con Ciencia Indigena, powerful experiences that change your life in the midst of natural beauty.

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