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10 Day Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru June 2016

10 Day Ayahuasca Retreat in Peru June 2016

Region: Southwest
Location: Iquitos, Peru


After having worked with dozens of shamans over the last 20 years, psychotherapist Meriana Dinkova, has crafted a unique 10-day ayahuasca journey with three of the best and most powerful shamans she has found, that will open, cleanse and empower you on your own shamanic path.
This is a unique opportunity to come on a deep transformational healing retreat with three powerful shamans: the shipibo Maestra Ynes & her daughter Laura, the well-known 'gringo pen you up, remove blockages and negative energies, and activate your own power.Shaman Ron Wheelock, and the clairvoyant curandera Borka Cafuk. This will be an intensive medicine plant-retreat designed to introduce you to ayahuasca and the healing it can provide on physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Then you will go deeper with each shaman working over the course of the retreat to open you up, remove blockages and negative energies, and activate your own power.

It is thus ideal for both beginners and those experienced with ayahuasca who value a tightly held and sacred space to open fully to the mysteries that ayahuasca can reveal.

This three-step process is a journey that involves FIVE ayahuasca ceremonies over ten days to awaken to your inner nature. Your healing work will be supported by short dietas with different medicinal plants and/or other healing work as needed, including the powerful frog medicine kambo (sapo).

All of this shamanic work will be based on high ethical standards, including personal integrity on every level.Two ceremonies will be with Ynes and Laura, one ceremony with Ron Wheelock, and the final two ceremonies with clairvoyant healer Borka Cafuk.

Another unique feature of this retreat, which is especially important for first timers, are the navigation tools Meriana will be teaching, designed especially to optimally navigate the Ayahuasca experience - to optimize its treasures, and also to avoid some common pitfalls. Those neo-shamanistic and psychological tools can enrich your journeys and be very beneficial for smooth sailing into inner space.

We will also be working with various types of ayahuasca from shaman to shaman, including Cielo (Sky) Ayahuasca and Arco Iris (Rainbow) Ayahuasca. Cielo is the most commonly used type of Ayahuasca, due to its wide availability and its flexibility; it is a good all-purpose medicine for both curanderos and ceremony participants, particularly inexperienced drinkers. Like all Ayahuasca, Cielo Ayahuasca varies in strength, depending on the age of the vine; the older the vine, the stronger the medicine. This medicine will be prepared with Chacruna, Ayahuma leaves, Toe and Mapacho. Chacruna is used to add more light to the visions. Leaves of Ayahuma tree are used for purification and protection. Toe leaves are used to strengthen the visions. Mapacho (jungle tobacco) is used for balancing, purification, protection, and removing energies that are not ours. Arco Iris (Rainbow) Ayahuasca is a rare type of Ayahuasca and is very powerful, deep and profound in its effects, and it well suited for in-depth healing and transformational work. It will be prepared with black Chacruna, a rare and stronger type of Chacruna, which works well in combination with the power and depth of the Arco Iris Ayahuasca.

Come on this retreat for accelerated healing and deep psychological, emotional and spiritual reprogramming in the jungle of Peru this June. This retreat will be a merging of some of the most powerful healing, and mind- expanding traditions of the indigenous culture of Peru and the Western world-Medicine work and psychotherapy. It will be a valuable combination of neo-shamanistic tools, psychotherapy techniques, plant medicines and traditional healing techniques. We will use neo-shamanic technology aimed at removing emotional malware , getting rid of psychological viruses, and rebooting and upgrading your emotional and psychological operating system.

Meriana has developed a system of tools for navigating, working with, and integrating experiences of non-ordinary states of consciousness, based on 18+ years of experience with different shamanic traditions, non- dualistic teachings and practices, as well as different kinds of psychotherapy, and other transformation modalities. Meriana will teaching these skills in workshops on 'Navigating Altered States' as part of the retreat. This one-off unique retreat with THREE shamans is set for June 4-13th 2016 just outside Iquitos, Peru, with spaces limited to no more than 20 people.

This will be a 10-day retreat with five ayahuasca ceremonies, three shamans, plant dieta, workshops and jungle tour. The retreat is limited to no more than 20 people, so participants can receive individual attention from the shamans and the facilitator.)


5 ayahuasca ceremonies over the 10 day retreat with 3 shamans. Travel between lodges included.

Consciousness and inner- space navigation workshops led by Meriana Dinkova

Integration sessions where you will learn how to apply your insights to enrich your life

Dieta meals and accommodation

Study medicinal plants and take guided jungle walks

Pick up and drop off from Iquitos


Airfares (International and National)

Travel Insurance

Any meals and drinks in Iquitos

Kambo/Sapo frog medicine sessions with Borka $60 optional extra; Nunu tobacco snuff sessions $20 optional extra


We will be visiting two ayahuasca retreat centers around Iquitos to sit with the shamans.



Doa Ines, has been working with the plants for more than 50 years and has many years of experience with ceremonies, as well as with doing years of personal 'dieta' with different Medicinal Plants alone in the jungle. She mostly works together with her daughter, Doa Laura. The Maestras are deeply rooted in the rich tradition of the Shipibo shamans.

I (Meriana) was impressed by participant's reports of Ynes's ability to not only see where people are at and what they are dealing with in their journey, as well as in their energy body, but be also able to actively engage in the 'astral' realms and remove energetic links which don't serve us. I also heard about Laura's ability to bring unconditional love and acceptance to the experience itself.

RON WHEELOCK: Ron Wheelock is widely known in Peru as The Gringo Shaman of the Amazon, and has been featured on CNN's This is Life with Lisa Ling, 60 Minutes Australia, and in the critically acclaimed documentary Aya: Awakenings. In 1996 he went to Peru looking for a spiritual teacher. Ron first drank ayahuasca in Tamshiyacu with famed shaman Don Agustin Rivas Vasquez. While with Don Agustin, he made arrangements to return to begin the intensive training to become a shamanic healer himself using the South American plant medicine, ayahuasca. Ron stayed with Don Agustin for 5 months doing many plant diets. Ron then began working with Don Jose Coral Mori, the teacher of Pablo Amaringo and Eduardo Luna, the authors of Ayahuasca Visions. After studying with both ayahuasqueros (a shaman who works exclusively with ayahuasca), he began working on his own, and now runs the El Purguero centre outside Iquitos. Ron speaks both Spanish and English and provides a valuable resource to westerners wanting to know more about the shamanic realm. His ceremonies are extremely powerful and incorporate sacred icaros (healing songs of the plants and spirits) and musical instruments (including a gong) to get in deep and break down barriers to the flow of life.

BORKA CAFUK: Borka Cafuk is the founder and Director of the Yana Puma ayahuasca center and is the resident healer of the Center. She performs ayahuasca, sapo and nu nu ceremonies and supervises plant diets. Borka has studied European plant medicine for 11 years and is a certified producer and refiner of aromatic plants. She has studied Amazonian plant medicine for the past 7 years with several traditional healers. She is certified as a licensed Shiatsu Practitioner, trained martial artist in Shotokan, has studied Lohan Chi Kung and is a Transcendental Meditation practitioner for more than 20 years. Borka specializes in treating energetic disorders, removing intrusive energies and entities, and treating all forms of negative spiritual practices, such as brujeria, black magic and voodoo. Apart from that, she also treats trauma, depression, and other psychological problems, as well as physical problems and illnesses. Signs of Intrusive Energies or Entities include: Acute or chronic localized pain or discomfort; Addictions; Panic attacks; Depression; Migraines; Memory loss without explanation; Hearing voices especially if the voices are telling you to do things you would not normally do,; Inexplicable losses of energy; Dream paralysis; Feeling the you are surrounded, or that you have energy surrounding you or inside of you, that is not yours, which is affecting your life in a negative way; Compulsive behaviors; Double or multiple pulse, etc. Please keep in mind that all of the symptoms above can be symptoms of intrusive energies and entities, but also can point to many other physical, psychological and spiritual problems that are not connected with intrusive energies and entities. This is why proper diagnosis is important.

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