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7 Day 5 Ceremony Ayahuasca Medicine Retreats

7 Day 5 Ceremony Ayahuasca Medicine Retreats

Region: Nationwide
Location: Iquitos, Peru


Join the world-renowned Blue Morpho tours for a life-changing journey into the heart of ayahuasca medicine.

The focus of our work is on your transformation and evolution. Ayahuasca medicine is a very powerful modality for creating spaces where this evolution can take place. Our job on this journey is to 100% support and guide your process the whole way through.

A shamanic workshop at Blue Morpho is designed to help participants achieve personal and spiritual transformation through Amazonian shamanism, mystical exploration, and personal experience. Our workshops incorporate the traditional use of the sacred visionary plant medicine ayahuasca in conjunction with universal spirituality and modern disciplines of shamanism. We focus on bridging the gap between Western cultures and these ancient practices to offer an experience that truly impacts the entirety of your life.

Ayahuasca Workshops Include:

* 5 ayahuasca ceremonies
* 4-star jungle accommodations on the banks of the Amazon river
* Full shamanic support
* Personal shamanic healing
* Participation in the ayahuasca cooking process
* Medicinal plant discussions
* One-on-one time with the shamans
* Group talks and sharing to illuminate experiences
* Group talks on shamanism, mysticism, and personal transformation
* Courses offered during the day that cover shamanic skills, relaxation and release
* Variety of excursions including jungle hikes, Amazon river boat trips, pink dolphin viewing, piranha fishing, trips to local communities, and more
* Visit to Monkey Island
* Yoga classes
* Integration Skills
* All meals, teas, fresh filtered water

Workshops offered all year around. See for more details.

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