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7 Day San Pedro and Sacred Geometry Workshop

7 Day San Pedro and Sacred Geometry Workshop

Region: Nationwide
Location: Sacred Valley, Peru


Join the world-renowned Blue Morpho for this plant medicine and transformational journey, combining the powerful wisdom of Sacred Geometry with the sacred Andean medicine, San Pedro, to create a space for personal evolution.

During this tour you will get to experience Sacred Geometry at one of the power centers of the Incan world by exploring ruins throughout the Sacred Valley. This is long held as one of the most energetically potent locations on Earth. We will be honoring our visits to these places with Coca Madre, a sacred plant of the region that aids in connection, prayer, and offering.

Our sacred site journeys will be woven into the subsequent San Pedro ceremonies, creating a tapestry of spiritual learning, growth, exploration and transformation throughout the week.

The San Pedro – Sacred Geometry Tour includes:

* Four San Pedro/Huachuma ceremonies
* Introduction to the key aspects of Sacred Geometry
* Visits to Incan and pre-Incan sacred sites
* Group discussions about how San Pedro and the knowledge of Sacred Geometry can help accelerate personal evolution
* Sacred Geometry drawing workshop
* Discussions on how Sacred Geometry relates to quantum physics and shamanism
* Star Tetrahedron (Merkaba) Meditation
* Full shamanic support
* Coca Madre ceremonies
* Tobacco medicine ceremonies
* Accommodations at a luxury resort surrounded by vibrant gardens
* High-quality vegetarian food
* Lunches during day trips at top locations in Peru’s Sacred Valley
* Fresh herb teas harvested from the garden each day

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