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7 Day San Pedro and Astrology Workshop

7 Day San Pedro and Astrology Workshop

Region: Nationwide
Location: Sacred Valley, Peru


Join the world-renowned Blue Morpho for this plant medicine and transformational journey, combining the powerful wisdom of Astrology with the sacred Andean medicine, San Pedro, to create a space for personal evolution.

The workshop contains 3 days of astrological discussion interlaced with 3 San Pedro ceremonies guided by highly-skilled shamans.

The journey will also take you to a variety of Incan and pre-Incan Sacred Sites that are connected to Archeoastrology, the ancient astronomy of the Andes.

The workshop includes:

* Three San Pedro ceremonies
* Personal shamanic healing
* Group sharing on shamanism, mysticism, and personal transformation
* Coca Madre ceremonies
* Tobacco medicine ceremonies
* Day trips to ancient sites in the Sacred Valley
* Accommodations at a luxury resort surrounded by vibrant gardens
* High-quality vegetarian food
* Lunches during day trips at top locations in Peruís Sacred Valley
* Fresh herb teas harvested from the garden each day

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