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Peru ~ Welcome to Portals of Peru with Freddy Silva

Start date: November 5th, 2017
End date: November 14th, 2017
Region: Peru
Location: Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca


Welcome to Portals of Peru with Freddy Silva
Discover the power places of an ancient civilization
November 5-14, 2017

Join best-selling author & ancient mysteries researcher Freddy Silva on a quest to the lesser-known aspects of megalithic Peru, from Sacsayhuaman and Machu Picchu to the Uros Islands.

This is not your typical Andean trip. Unlike others, it reveals an aspect of pre-Inca culture few people get to see and hear. Such as the ritual towers of Sillustani; the underground resurrection chamber of Q'uenqo; the Egyptian roots of Sacsayhuaman; the Otherworld portal of Amaru Muru; and the ceremonial Moon temple Huayna Pichu. Highlights include meditations, mountain walks, dowsing, time for personal introspection, and lively discussions on the true origin of these awe-inspiring power places, all in a carefully-balanced itinerary.

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Sacred Earth Journeys
Toll Free: 1-877-874-7922

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