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50% OFF Huautla Sacred Plants

50% OFF Huautla Sacred Plants

Start date: November 10th, 2017
End date: November 17th, 2017
Region: Mexico
Location: Huautla, Oaxaca. Mexico


Healing shamanic traditions still alive today in remote mountains under the care of the Mazatec nation. A place to work deep on your person, to solve, detach, heal, grow, and expand into a higherconsciousness, andfind new and better possibilitiesfor your life.
Oaxaca is one of the states that was affected by recent earthquakes. It was injured in many ways, one of them is people is not visiting, which affects the income of many families.
The way we can help is going over there with people so there is work for the people.
This is the reason for our invitation to come with us to Huautla with Grandmother Julieta and her sacred plants.
To encourage this help for the family we are offering a 50% DISCOUNT
Would you like to be part of this help?
Come with us next 10 to 17 of November 2017

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