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Awakening the Visionary Shaman Within

Awakening the Visionary Shaman Within

Region: Canada
Location: Hollyhock Retreat Center Cortes Island, BC


Join Linda Star Wolf, creator of Shamanic Breathwork™, and her spirit daugh­ter, Laura Wolf for this amaz­ing 3-day jour­ney to Awaken the Visionary Shaman Within. Transform old program­ming, down­load your "imag­i­nal cells" and embrace a new vision of your future self so that you can become an empow­ered change agent and take dynamic action in your life and the world.

Experience the Shamanic Breathwork™ Process, a path­way of initi­a­tion for the soul that utilizes breath, sound heal­ing through chakra-attuned music, ener­getic body­work, soul return and extrac­tion, art and group shar­ing to help you:

Release block­ages of body, mind and spirit.
Transform old program­ming into creativ­ity and renewed life force energy.
Connect with your spirit guides.
Activate the “imag­i­nal cells” and receive a new vision of hope for our personal and plan­e­tary future.

Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator train­ing includes soul return and extrac­tion, shamanic body­work and energy work, shamanic art processes, creat­ing musi­cal jour­neys, foster­ing commu­nity, lead­ing cere­monies and group process­ing skills.

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